Day 13: Fairy Tale

due to other challenges, I had to skip the past few days of this 30 day drawing challenge…will catch up with days 11 & 12 at some point ūüėČ For those of you who have been following this blog for a while, you know I love the asian tales which recount the story of the Kumiho or Kitsune or Huli Jing (Fox Spirit). Well, my favourite fairy tale out of the hundreds from the brothers Grimm, as you can probably guess is Red Riding Hood or Rotk√§ppchen — as it would be called in the original german. Now, I’ve been keeping tabs on a tv series called Once Upon a Time and was completely transfixed at their interpretation of Red Riding Hood…Instead of her being this demure and innocent little girl on her way to grannies, or the other more recent version of her being a wolf slayer, she is instead (SPOILER ALERT)…………………………………….. the wolf itself!! I LOVE this version! So I decided to work with this idea and¬†portray “Red” in this manner. This is a preliminary sketch of a creature about to be born… (i apologise for the overly saturated red -its hurting my own eyes). Maybe I should¬†somehow incorporate my fox girl and wolf girl in a story of my own‚Ķhm‚Ķ‚Ķ


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