Home is where the heart is…

DK and I have both been over the moon and back lately because…we…are…returning home!
Our household will be packed up on the 22nd (this monday) and we will be flying out on the following monday the 29th, arriving on the 30th. I guess you can say that we are undergoing a hefty dose of moving stress —finding a reliable moving company was hard enough, they all want to swindle you or make you feel stupid for being overly concerned about insuring your artworks during transport…another exemplary situation where artists are easily dismissed and not taken seriously…hm, I wonder if Damien Hirst goes through this whenever he moves, or if it’s just something an unknown self-important egomaniac like me goes through. Plus there is the challenging prospect of finding an apartment in Munich —the rental market in Munich is seriously competitive so it will not be easy and I reckon we will be paying significantly more since 2014. I’ve armed myself with knowledge and made apartment applications complete with one cheesy photo of us, short biographies, career infos, proof of credit in Germany and references from our former landlords. Securing an apartment in a city like Munich is like securing a job. You apply, you wait. You may or may not receive an invite for “interview”, you get interviewed, if they like you, you get an apartment out of it…if not, rinse and repeat as often as needed. I am positively certain though that we will find something we can live with…However, regardless of all of that, it will be worth all that we face in the coming months to be close to those we love, in the city we love. If things go awry, DK and I will deal with it because we have each other. So get ready Munich! Get ready beautiful Isar river and beautiful Alps! We are returning home to you!

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