Best Friend


This is my pitiful 15 min. attempt to sketch one of my closest friends, Nancy. Pitiful, because I will never be able to capture just how awesome she is on paper. You will have to meet her for yourselves. Thank you Alyson for letting me use your photo 😉 Here she is dressed up as a cactus for hallowe’en many many years ago before the kids, and when she smoked. She is super smart, funny, creative, and resourceful –the cactus bits were made from paper plates and toothpicks. Unfortunately, that was one party I missed. Nancy is part of my inner-circle…the part reserved for conjugal family members. I consider her more of a sister then a friend. In the course of our friendship, we have spent quite a number of years apart from each other (just like my family and I) but when we do see each other, its as if time has not passed. She lived in Taiwan when I was in Hamilton, California when I was in Toronto. When she moved back to Toronto with her hubby and 3 beautiful girls, I had moved to Germany. Now she is at least close by in Switzerland…but soon this will change because the winds are picking up and its taking me across the pond. So happy that I get to see her, her mom and the 3 little women today. I hope the weather will grace us with sun and blue skies all day.

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